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If you employ one or more people in the Croydon area, you’ll no doubt have heard about the new government rules and requirements on pensions. These require you to operate a pension scheme for your staff which meets certain requirements, and to offer auto enrolment to any staff member who qualifies for it.

As an employer you should have already been contacted with information about when you need to be offering auto enrolment for your Croydon employees, but as a reminder, here are the key points to be aware of around auto enrolment:

  • under the new rules, it’s compulsory for any employer to offer a workplace pension which meets certain standards
  • you need to ensure every eligible worker who meets the qualifying criteria is automatically enrolled into the scheme
  • you need to make a minimum contribution to the scheme, alongside minimum contributions which should be deducted from each employee’s wages
  • employees can choose to leave the scheme at any time – but you still need to have auto enrolled them by your ‘staging date’

To make sure your pension scheme meets the qualifying criteria and ensure you’re assessing your staff eligibility correctly, you might want to engage the services of an external firm. By using a company with expertise in the new pension rules, you can be sure that you’ll be able to put policies and procedures in place to ensure you don’t fail to meet your obligations.

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