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If you run a business in the Dorking area, you may have heard that workplace pensions have changed. Previously, pensions might not have been relevant or of interest to your business, but if you employ at least one person you now have a duty to offer a pension scheme and ensure that all qualifying workers are automatically enrolled in it.

Auto enrolment may sound daunting, but with the help of Bookkeeping Synergy it can be straightforward to implement. Getting expert help can be vital to getting auto enrolment right for your Dorking business and its employees. This applies to all kinds of businesses and organisations, including the following:

  • hairdressers and shop owners
  • firms offering plumbing, electrician and building services, as well as other trades
  • manufacturing and industrial businesses
  • charities and not-for-profit organisations
  • businesses providing services and products to other businesses
  • anyone who employs a personal care assistant
  • families who employ a nanny

In fact, any individual, organisation or company which employs at least one person will have to comply with the new rules. This means it’s really important not to bury your head in the sand about auto enrolment. Why not contact us here at Bookkeeping Synergy to find out how we can help you to navigate auto enrolment and ensure your pension scheme complies with the government rules.

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