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As an employer in the Gatwick area, you’ll no doubt have heard about the new workplace pension. If you have even one staff member, you’ll need to offer a workplace pension scheme which meets with certain rules, and ensure qualifying staff members are put in the scheme – this is called auto enrolment.

Business owners cannot bury their heads in the sand over Auto enrolment. If the rules are not complied with, there will be penalties and enforcement action:

  • you might be fined, through compliance notices and penalty notices
  • if you’re late complying, you’ll be required to pay back any missed contributions so you put your staff back into the position they would have been in if you’d complied on time
  • if you’re late complying, you have to tell your staff they can backdate their own contributions back to the staging date
  • if you’re fined and don’t pay it, the debt can be recovered through the courts – this could have an impact on your ability to keep your Gatwick business afloat

It’s important to be aware that you, the employer, are responsible for meeting your legal duties for auto enrolment. However, if you’re concerned about the level of work involved in this, you could engage the services of a local expert auto enrolment consultant like Bookkeeping Synergy. We’ll be able to help you check whether your existing arrangements comply with the rules, or advise you on what action you need to take to be ready for auto enrolment.

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