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Every London employer will need to offer a workplace pension scheme to their employees, by 1 February 2018 at the latest. Whether you are a hairdresser, an architect or you employ a personal care assistant, if you employ at least one person you are an employer and you will certain legal duties.

One of the key features of your new obligations is assessing your workforce. This means you need to make sure that every worker who meets qualifying criteria is automatically enrolled into your pension scheme. You shouldn’t wait until they ask to join. The employer will need to make sure they have an effective system in place for assessing the eligibility of employees, so that everyone who is eligible for auto enrolment joins the scheme.

Some London firms are choosing to use our services to oversee and manage auto enrolment effectively. Doing this can help reduce the burden on you to ensure that everyone who is:

  • aged between 22 and state pension age
  • earning over £10,000 per year
  • ordinarily working in the UK under a contract of employment (as opposed to on a freelance basis)

is auto enrolled into your workplace pension scheme.

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