We are challenged to keep up to date with the ever changing technology in todays world as every business sector is aware. Bookkeeping is no different – the processes and principles stay the same but the software vehicles we use to process and present our accounts is ever changing. The cloud software that is now available has made processing accounts a shared responsibility and has enabled us to engage with clients efficiently from a distance.

We are committed to maintaining a place in this revolution of cloud-based software, archiving and storage giving extensive options and services to our clients in East Grinstead. We use Xero as our cloud computing software and a vast array of different Add Ons for the different requirements of our clients. We work with: Workflowmax as the job costing and project management system used widely by Graphic Artists, Web Designers, plumbers, electricians which integrates with Xero to bring sales invoice information directly into the accounts. Receipt Bank is an invoice and receipt processing add on making light work of a previously arduous task of data processing. Practise Ignition is a client quotation and engagement system integrating this information into Xero for monthly billing. And the list continues… something for everyone and for every business to make the business process easier to manage.

This year, our focus has been on implementing systems which have enabled us to become paper-light. This has meant a significant shift in the way we think and operate. Historically, accountancy and bookkeeping have been professions for the paper movers! If you would like to know more about the cloud software we utilize then please contact us.

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