Cloud Storage

In recent years there has been a huge increase in interest and popularity of cloud storage services such as Google Drive, One Drive, Box Cloud Storage, Dropbox and iCloud.

These providers offer hundreds of gigabytes or even terabytes of online storage at affordable rates and more and more consumers are choosing to switch to cloud storage. We would discourage clients to decide on free cloud storage – these usually offer limited space and are less reliable.

Since the recent world-wide pandemic those businesses ‘in the cloud’ have been able to transfer to working anywhere and anytime more easily and efficiently because their systems are set up and the information they will need for day to day working is at their fingertips.

There is extensive information on the different types of cloud storage on the web, the pricing, the storage and the integrations. What is most important is that we carefully consider the safety of that cloud storage and ‘how’ it can be set up in an orderly precise way to meet the needs of the business and all employees.

Building your Cloud Storage Infrastructure:

  • It will take an organized mind to map out and set up your cloud storage and we suggest that one/two people gifted in this area be given charge over the set up and maintenance
    Security around users and their logons should be checked regularly and where 2 step-authentication is available to protect the information, this should be set up by all users
  • Check that the cloud storage of choice will enable passwords to be set up
  • Check that files can be synced from any device
  • An internal roadmap of what the storage will look like will need to be set up and instruction given on what goes where – files and folders cannot just be saved to your storage of choice
  • Consideration will need to be given on who will have access to which files
  • Constant ‘housekeeping’ will ensure that this storage is kept neat and tidy and fit for purpose

At Bookkeeping Synergy we keep each financial year in a separate folder which will open up into the mapped folders for the year. When that financial year is finished and information saved and complete, the whole folder is moved away to a second cloud storage where it is archived until destruction date is reached.

Beware Cyberattacks:

Any information on a cloud platform (accounting and stored documents) is only as safe as the device on which it is accessed. At a minimum, your devices should be protected with a PIN code or password. One of the steps that can be taken in encryption. Encrypting data stored in the cloud will ensure that it is inaccessible even if your account is compromised. If you take data security seriously then encryptiuon is non-negotiable

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